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About Us

Beyond Your Brand is a digital marketing agency that goes beyond the traditional marketing model.

Why Us?

Beyond Your Brand is a digital marketing agency that goes beyond the traditional marketing model. New user sessions, impressions, organic clicks, and conversion rates (the list goes on) are all important, but not as important as how often your phone rings or how many enquiry forms/emails you receive. The real role of a digital marketing agency is to attract new clients and contribute to better profitability for your business; it is that simple.
We are here to ensure sales and lead conversions throughout your journey to make sure growth continues at every step. We start by getting to know you and understanding your aspirations and your target audiences. In partnership with you, we will establish specific goals to ensure that we find you more clients.

Our Team

Ask any of our clients and we are confident that they would agree; our team is awesome. We are a team of nine full-time digital marketing professionals. Unlike some digital marketing agencies who choose to use outsourced delivery teams, we believe in the power of teamwork. Rich, Danny and Leo do an amazing job designing and building stunning websites. In fact, they have built over 600 of them. Kieran implements SEO strategies to make our client’s websites visible online. Rosie creates deliciously appetising content for blogs, articles and ads. Caroline and Paul are the Co-Founders. In 2018, they decided to take all of their knowledge and experience, combine it with an attitude of ‘work hard, act with integrity and build a talented team’ and start a digital marketing agency that was focused on producing results for our clients. Benji the dog is here to keep us all happy and entertained, and he does a sterling job. And Reggie, the office cat is simply here to wind the dog up!

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Our Clients

It might be a bit of a strange thing to say, but our clients make us brilliant. We are so privileged to work with clients that range from small, owner-led lifestyle companies to household brand names with offices in countries all over the world. In a few short years, we have grown our client list to over 150 with a retention rate of over 95%. This has only been possible with the help and support of our clients. We know that if we go the extra mile, our clients will be our partners and that is extremely valuable.


Our Experience

Between our team members, we have years (too many to admit) of experience. You can do as many courses as you like, watch as many YouTube tutorials or read as many marketing books - and while, over the years, we have done our fair share of that, nothing beats hands-on, practical implementation experience of digital marketing strategies that deliver results. We know how to listen and understand our clients’ objectives. We know how to apply our experience to tangible, step-by-step deliverables, which have achieved great results across diverse industries.

Our Passion

If you love what you do and create a positive working culture then you allow passion to breed. We have often questioned why so many agencies want to promote themselves as “multi-award winning”. We all love a bit of recognition but at Beyond Your Brand we want our clients to be the ones winning awards!

Nothing pleases us more than to learn that our clients have succeeded and even exceeded their growth goals.

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