Social Responsibility - A Choice or an Obligation

What is Social Responsibility?

The theory is that whether you are an individual or a business, you have an obligation to act in a manner that benefits society. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) emphasizes that a business's ability to maintain a balance between pursuing economic performance and adhering to societal and environmental issues is a critical factor in operating efficiently and effectively. 

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What we believe

Beyond Your Brand was started by two people who believed from the offset, that social responsibly was an obligation. It was at the heart of the very first discussions when deciding on how the business would be structured, and the vision for the future growth of the company. We decided that, from Day 1, we would devote some of our resources towards trying to make the world a better place. We knew that although this presented challenges, if we started as we meant to go on, then we would grow the business into something we would be very proud of. So, while we were busy organising the company, creating logos and websites, setting up bank accounts and getting our first paying clients, we started devoting some of our time to assist a small, but highly impactful charity.

In the same way that businesses compete in this digital age, charities compete for the attention and charitable donations from individuals and organisations prepared to give something to people who may be less fortunate than themselves and others. This means making the most of Google Ad Grants and social media platforms, ensuring that a website is optimised to reach the target audiences, and just as importantly, that all the key metrics are being monitored for their effectiveness.

What we did

Amongst a number of fundraising events in which we participate, we are proud to continue to support a wonderful charity, The African Children’s Fund who help make a real difference to children born into poverty across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. When you hear of all the difficulties that these children face, it makes it an easy decision for us to do what we can to support the amazing people who work tirelessly to improve the standard of life in areas severely affected by poverty. Utilising our experience in managing Google Ad Grants, SEO and various analytical tools, we have helped increase the traffic to their site and gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Are we saving the world? No. But we are doing our bit to make it a better place.

What do you get?

We never set out with the objective of gaining anything from doing this, but it never fails to amaze us how valued we are for the support we give. We have been very kindly introduced to several new opportunities, directly as a result of the wonderful people at The African Children’s Fund talking about us. We also feel like, in our own small way, we are taking our Social Responsibility seriously to the point it has already become part of our company’s DNA. As we grow, we will continue to invest in supporting those people that bring about positive change to society, whether it is locally or even in countries we may never be fortunate enough to visit. Every member of our team will be given opportunities and be encouraged to contribute, and if we all do our bit, the world will be a better place to live for so many people.

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Happy Customers

  • "Beyond Your Brand have been invaluable in their efforts to help our business grow. Their weekly marketing workshops have given us clear objectives and strategies for success, and their SEO advice has been invaluable in our recent site migration."
    - Thinking Software
  • "Analytics has always been a bit of a mystery to us but not anymore. Beyond Your Brand were able to break it down and explain it so that not only did we understand it, we could build a strategy around it; see what keywords were bringing people to the site, which pages were most popular and which ones weren’t...
    - Shoot it Yourself
  • "Caroline has helped take someone with basic google analytics and adwords knowledge and helped us to develop accounts that are high performing yet realistic to manage. All aspects of training are managed in a way that is clear to understand and so you feel comfortable that no question is too silly to ask...
    - National Garden Scheme
  • "I could not be more thrilled with my new website. From the first meeting, Caroline took great care to understand my business and how I wished to see the website. The result is stunning. In addition to this, Beyond Your Brand are helping me to understand Google analytics so I get the best return. I would be delighted to recommend."
    - Anna Gage, Edelweiss HR
  • "Beyond Your Brand have transformed our Google ads performance, working within the parameters of our Google ads grant while also providing me with skills for how we can make the most of the tools that are at our disposal...
    - African Children's Fund

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