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Google Ad Grant Success

Written by Caroline Stevenson on .
Health Poverty Action Google Ad Grant

We love to shout about the work that we do with charities.

It may seem self-indulgent, slightly like blowing our own trumpet, but actually, the work we do with charities, and our social responsibility, is hugely important to all of us here at Beyond Your Brand.

One recent example has been our work with Health Poverty Action, a London-based charity that works to improve health and challenge the root causes of poverty across the world.

They came to Beyond Your Brand looking for help with their Google Ad Grant; a $10,000 a month “gift from Google” available for charities to promote themselves in Google’s results pages. We know that many agencies work on Ad Grants in the same way that they work on Paid Google Ads accounts, but doing so will not deliver the same results. There are many rules for an Ad Grant that don’t apply in paid accounts, and this is why many Ad Grants get suspended, as they fail to comply with the specifications set by Google.

At Beyond Your Brand, our expertise is in Google Ad Grants, and we can make a real difference!

In August 2019, the Health Poverty Action Google Ad Grant resulted in 649 clicks to the website, which equated to 2% of all traffic.

Beyond Your Brand started working on the account in September 2019. Our first priority was to ensure the Ad Grant’s compliance. Once this was achieved, we were able to start creating ads that really mirrored the website with regards to the topics they covered. We saw traffic increase significantly to 4,150 clicks in October, equating to 11% of all traffic to their site. This was an over 600% increase in Ad Grant traffic in a single month, which is set to rise still further in November, to around 4,500 clicks.

Not only that, but the Grant is now spending over 75% of its $10,000/month budget, in comparison to less than 10% of the budget in August 2019.

Google grant management

We love what we do, in particular the work with charities like Health Poverty Action, who strive tirelessly to improve health and poverty across the globe. In our own way, we can make a difference to the lives of people who aren’t as lucky, and of this, we are immensely proud.

Like all charities, funding received through charitable donations is spent on trying to make a difference to the lives of individuals that need support and generally make the world a better place. By using specialists like Beyond Your Brand, we can contribute to making a difference to the lives of people who really need support, and this is something that we are hugely proud to be doing.

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