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caroline stevenson

Caroline Stevenson

Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Director

Caroline is a digital marketing superstar. She has a wealth of experience in paid advertising across search engines and social media platforms. Caroline manages the digital marketing delivery team, ensuring that everything that we do for our clients is of the highest possible standard and delivers the best results.


Caroline came into the Digital Marketing game after an 8-year employment "break" having three, "occasionally delightful", children.

After years working predominantly in the charitable sector, managing huge accounts for non-profits like Chatham House, The King's Fund, Meningitis Now, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Epilepsy Society and The National Garden Scheme, Caroline joined forces with Paul to create Beyond Your Brand. The concept for the agency was to look beyond simply increasing traffic, but to delivering meaningful results and increasing sales; to really make a difference to every organisation with whom they work.

As Digital Marketing Director, Caroline is responsible for ensuring clients get the very best from their websites, and works closely with each and every one of them to make sure we are always working towards the same goal. Her objectives for Beyond Your Brand are to make it an enjoyable, happy place to work; a business where nobody is held back, but everybody is encouraged to be the best they can be - in their own unique way, however that may be.

"We know that if people are not happy, they can't possibly deliver their best work. We want to make sure each and every member of the team oozes contentment and well-being, and enjoys working with us. It's crucial to our success."

Caroline lives in the country, and loves a challenge. She plays tennis for Oxfordshire, teaches piano in her spare time and is taking part in the 2020 Weekend Warrior at Blenheim Palace (Google it!) She has sky-dived, bungee-jumped, white-water-rafted the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world; so probably one of our lazier members of the team.

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