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Daniel Morales

Daniel Morales

Web Developer

Danny is an experienced web developer and is responsible for the development of our 100 Club client. Danny also processes many of the website update requests that we receive from our clients. He prides himself in his accuracy and speed at which he deals with client requests.


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and with a background in chemical engineering in Spain, Danny came to England in 2015 to learn how to interact and communicate in a different country, and for the invaluable opportunity to enhance his career.

Curious by nature and always interested in exploring and acquiring new abilities and skills, he considers himself a “lifelong learner”, so it was no doubt that a career where design and development intersect could offer a rich environment for both personal and professional growth.

Recently he discovered an interest in web development, as he finds the process complex but rewarding, and joining Beyond your Brand represented an invaluable opportunity to expand his foundations as a developer.

Outside of work, Danny enjoys drawing and painting. During most of his free time, he can be found spending hours sketching, working on personal projects or simply relaxing with a cold one and watching a movie on a lazy Sunday evening.

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