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Fleur Ostojak

Fleur Ostojak

Sales and Marketing Executive

Fleur’s background in radio presenting has shaped her into an amazing communicator. Fleur has a hybrid role at Beyond Your Brand, split between content creation for our digital marketing clients and contributing to Beyond Your Brand’s sales and marketing activities. Fleur attends a number of local networking events and also creates our social media posts.


Fleur has spent six years in the radio broadcasting industry, where she produced and presented her own radio show. She came to Beyond Your Brand after wanting a career change, continuing her love for creativity and communication in a team of similar people.

Fleur loves chatting and meeting new people, hearing about their stories and what makes them tick. As Sales and Marketing Executive, Fleur is responsible for reaching out to clients and building relationships to join our services, creating campaigns and driving the awareness of Beyond Your Brand out to the world.

In her spare time, Fleur enjoys cooking, yoga and live music. Her favourite genre is dance, and loves to tell you that she’s been to Glastonbury Festival more than once. In her down time, she’s probably rewatching the same 3 TV shows!

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