Digital Marketing for Charities & Non-Profits

We offer amazing digital marketing packages for our charity and non-profit friends. Let us help you increase donations, recruit volunteers, encourage event sign ups or just build brand awareness - however it is that you want your organisation to grow. Take a look at what we can offer you.

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General Ad Grant support

We have worked with some great charities and have heaps of experience! Google Ad Grants give charities and non-profit organisations US$10,000 in kind every month, to market online in the same way as normal paid Google Ads accounts, though with a few very specific policies that have to be complied with. Whether you would like help setting up an Ad Grant, want help with the monthly management of it or just get some training so you can do the day-to-day management yourselves; we can tailor a package to suit your needs, and all at our very special charity rate!

Learn more about how to make the most from your Google Ad Grant by reading our blog that covers the process from the initial application, to structuring the account, to ongoing optimisation.

With serious changes having been made to Ad Grant policies, it is harder now than ever before to comply and maintain accounts. Check out the crucial changes to policy and find out more about how to keep your account active.


Ad grant training

We offer comprehensive full day or half day training sessions to take you through all aspects of how to manage a Google Ad Grant account effectively. From initial set up, to dealing with Google, tracking of your goals through Google Analytics to complying with the ever-changing policies. Contact us today for a chat and to find out how we can help you. Give us a ring or fill out the form!


Analytics tracking

So, your charity has multiple channels promoting your content. Are you effectively tracking the success of those channels? Are you understanding your audience and the user journeys that they take? Where are they dropping out of the funnel? What pages are working and which aren't? Are you tracking all of the goals that are critical in driving success for your organisation? We can help and offer advice on all aspects of Google Analytics, just give us a ring or fill out the form!

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