Google Analytics Training

Unquestionably, THE most important element to any digital strategy is ensuring you are tracking your users’ journeys effectively. How else can you ever apportion success of a campaign or a channel? 

Setting up goals and enabling the relevant report in Google Analytics will help you see the results of all of your online marketing efforts.


Most people with a website know; Google Analytics is a complex tool. It can tell you pretty much anything you want to know…if you know how to use it! There are many Google Analytics training courses available out there, and whilst they often provide an overview of the basics, they cannot be tailored to your site or your specific goals.

We can help.

We offer training packages to suit your needs. Whether it’s one-on-one training you are after, or more of a ‘session for everyone’, we can tailor our training for your organisation, and for your requirements. From the basics to the more advanced analysis needs, you tell us what you are after and we can come to you or provide online training at great rates!

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us via our form below, or give us a ring on 01993 835432.

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