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kieran thomas

Kieran Thomas

SEO Specialist

Kieran is responsible for the implementation of our SEO strategies. Kieran has an excellent knowledge of SEO and ensures that our clients’ websites are technically sound and healthy. Kieran also produces article briefs which are designed to maximise organic search traffic. Working very closely with our clients and our internal content team, he maximises the SEO potential of all newly created content.


Kieran is a multi-award winning web developer with over 18 years commercial experience, spanning both B2B and B2C, and ranging from start-ups to charities, to multi-national organisations.

Over that time, Kieran has seen the digital industry and SEO in particular change in so many ways, and yet at the same time, as our SEO Strategist, he says one simple, golden rule has always remained constant… “Content is King”.

In addition to his technical knowledge, Kieran has a very entrepreneurial mindset and has founded multiple businesses across 4 different sectors. If there’s one thing Kieran really understands, it’s how to successfully launch and grow a start-up on a shoestring budget!

And when we say “shoe-string” we mean it! In 2002 he launched his first start-up (a website advertising holiday rentals long before AirBnB existed) with just £50 and a laptop, and using his SEO and marketing knowledge grew the business to over 10,600 properties in just 3 years. Now that’s impressive!

He has also won Theo Paphitis’ (BBC Dragon’s Den) prestigious SBS award for another of his businesses. As a result, he passionately loves sharing his knowledge and experience to help other businesses grow and achieve their full potential.

With a wife, 2 children and a dog, “spare time” seems a distant memory. However, on the rare days it does occur, he can be found (weather permitting) gliding, hiking, or “costuming” as part of a global costuming club (he has full “movie accurate” Stormtrooper armour from Star Wars, and built the world’s 1st movie-accurate Lord Voldemort costume from Harry Potter).

Interesting fact: In 2011, Kieran interviewed the cast and crew of Harry Potter on the red carpet of the final ever Harry Potter premiere and then flew with them to NYC for the USA Premiere!

kieran in the office
kieran and harry potter cast