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leo roberts

Leo Roberts

Web Designer/Developer

Leo is part of our web development team. Leo’s experience is in graphic design and web development. He is responsible for website mockups. He is proficient in the Adobe design suite and is our first point of call for anything graphic design. Leo also contributes to the website builds of our new clients and manages many of our client update requests.


Leo brings a fresh perspective to our team with his background in Graphic Design, having studied it at Nottingham Trent. During his time at university, he honed his skills in web design and development, dedicating himself to self-learning and incorporating it into his projects wherever possible. He thrives on the blend of creativity and logic in his work and is continually motivated by opportunities for learning and growth.

Having recently relocated to Witney, Leo viewed joining Beyond Your Brand as a valuable opportunity to expand his expertise in web design and development while collaborating with a like-minded team.

Outside of work, he enjoys running and hiking, unless he's feeling lazy, in which case you'll find him reading or playing FIFA!

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