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Being part of the BYB family; one year in!

Written by Richard O'Donnell on .

Well, that went quick! One minute I'm about to start on a new adventure; the next, an old friend - Paul Coombes and Co-Founder of Beyond Your Brand, floats an interesting opportunity past me.

And as you can guess the rest is history.

Coming on board with Beyond Your Brand, my challenge was simple; to build a website design department within the business. Beyond Your Brand had already established itself as a great digital marketing agency with impressive results, but had no in-house web development or web design arm.

That's where I came in, and The 100 Club was born. A great solution for many businesses of all sizes, reducing their monthly website costs to just £100 per month. Not only that, but a subscription model that includes the design process, the build process, website hosting and updates within the package. It was a no-brainer!

As a web designer with over a decade of experience, I know only too well those awkward conversations you have to have with clients on how long builds will take and how much they’re going to cost. With one simple subscription model, we’re all on the same page from the outset, and both the designer and the client can work together towards achieving the same goal of designing and maintaining an amazing website.

Beyond Your Brand was a great choice and I have no regrets (That might sound like something I have to say, but it is true!). To see a new department grow to the point it is thriving with dozens of happy clients is amazing. We must be doing something right! This might sound a strange thing for a digital marketing agency to say, but we have done very little marketing ourselves. Most of our new business comes from our existing clients recommending us to their network. We are so pleased call many of our clients, friends and we really appreciate the trust you place in us.

I have to say that we've been incredibly fortunate with the clients that have signed up; they keep my days interesting and full of creativity! To our wonderful 100 Club clients, thank you!

On another note, our team meetings and nights out are always worthwhile. On to another incredible year please!

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