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rosie wait

Rosie Wait

Digital Marketing Executive

Rosie is our content creating genius. She has a real flare and passion for all things content. Rosie is responsible for the creation of many of our adverts for our PPC campaigns and for our SEO/SEM focussed articles and blogs. She also continuously optimises our ads to ensure that they achieve the best possible results.


Rosie has spent most of her working life in the childcare industry whilst bringing up her two young daughters. But after a few big life changes and with her girls growing up, she decided the time had come to make a career change and explore her passion for writing which up until recently she had only pursued as a hobby. She has always loved writing and spent her childhood writing stories, fictional articles and poems.

Rosie loves working with people and is naturally very chatty. (some might say too much!) She is very sociable and loves a good night out and a cheeky cocktail or two but equally enjoys a cosy night in with a takeaway and a good series!

In her spare time, Rosie enjoys baking for her friends and family (and the office!) and spending time with her loved ones. She also loves singing and has been in various bands throughout her younger years. These days, babysitting permitting, she loves to sing at open mic nights and does a few gigs here and there when she can.

rosie and family