Sales Strategy

At the heart of everything we do at Beyond Your Brand is a belief that we can help any organisation to meet their growth potential.  Many of our services are focused towards attracting users and generating leads for businesses. For many organisations, this is where the customer journey begins.  


Imagine a brand new shiny company decided to open their flagship store in your town, they would run many marketing campaigns in parallel to attract new visitors.  In your local press they talk about their exciting new product range, in your high street they give out leaflets with vouchers enticing you to their grand opening.  Maybe they have a circus act and flamethrowers outside grabbing your attention. The result is that crowds gather, anticipation builds and everyone is just waiting to step inside.  If you were the owner of the store, you certainly would gauge success on the fact that there were hundreds of people standing outside your store, think you had completed your task, put your feet up and pat yourself on a job well done.  Like lead generation, through digital marketing, this is just the start of the customer journey.

Now it is time for your sales strategy to take on its vital role.  Every interaction with your organisation is a ‘customer touch-point’ and an opportunity for you to shine, set yourself apart from your competition, and build a loyal customer base that not only buys your product or services, but continues to be a happy customer for years to come, so much so that they recommend you to family and friends.

Many organisations that we have worked with have come to us seeking assistance on gaining more leads.  There are many companies offering digital marketing services to clients, but one thing that sets us apart is our understanding that lead generation is only part of the jigsaw puzzle and lead conversion and client retention is how organisations maximise growth potential.

Through over 20 years of experience working with start-ups, tech companies and fast-growing organisations, we have developed a number of workshops designed to assist you in formalising solid sales strategies which will work alongside your marketing strategy.  Some of the topics we include are:

  • Value Proposition

  • Effective Planning

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Target Client Mapping

  • Sales Reporting

If you have solid marketing strategy you will probably have a good idea of where the lead came from and what attracted the prospect to your business.  Perhaps it was your product’s value proposition, or your pricing.  For many, this is where the insight stops and it somehow does not connect to your sales process.  Every customer is an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition and to do so requires a modern sales strategy based on tried and tested principles.

Beyond Your Brand would love to work with your team to develop an effective sales strategy connected to your marketing strategy, that will ensure you convert more leads to paying customers. We have experience and a wide range of tools that will give you full visibility of every aspect of your sales funnel.

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