Google Ads Training

Google Ads Training

Google Ads is an online advertising platform where organisations pay to have their ads displayed on Google’s search engine results page when users perform relevant searches.
In some cases, where the ads are managed effectively, they can even appear above the very top organic results.

Getting ads positioned well depends on a number of factors; most importantly bid amount, ad relevance, expected impact, as well as, of course, what the user is searching for. Writing targeted, well-written ads, in a well-structured account can lead to incredible results.

From targeted campaigns to site-wide promotion, we can help you get set up and teach you how to manage the account effectively. This includes best-practise outlines, account structuring, keyword analysis and targeting, scripts, automations, ad extensions, conversions, bid amounts, location targeting, re-marketing. You name it, we can train you in it!

We have seen incredible results through Google Ads. One of our clients has seen a Return On Investment of over 1300% over an 8-month period, from their Google Ads account alone. In order to measure this kind of ROI, you need to ensure that you are tracking what your users are doing, so that you can determine who has converted, and from which channels they have come. As well as Google Ads training, we also offer Google Analytics training, so you can understand the more complex reports within Analytics and be sure you are tracking users effectively, as well as and understanding your site and the user journeys within it.

We’d love to chat

We’d love to chat with you about your requirements, and can tailor a training session, or multiple sessions to suit your needs. Use our contact form to get in touch, or call us on 01993 835432. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

What the National Garden Scheme said...
"Beyond Your Brand has helped take someone with basic Google Analytics and Google Ads knowledge and helped us to develop accounts that are high performing yet realistic to manage. All aspects of training are managed in a way that is clear to understand and so you feel comfortable that no question is too silly to ask. Beyond Your Brand’s knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads and Ad grants is second to none and I feel confident that any advice we implement will have a positive effect on our search presence."

National Garden Scheme

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We love a good chat, and a good marketing dilemma. It is our pleasure to make suggestions and recommendations on how to implement them, in a way that works for each individual customer, based on their objectives and goals. Give us a ring, or drop us an email, and together we can find a solution for you.

T: 01993 835432

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Happy Customers

  • "Caroline has helped take someone with basic google analytics and adwords knowledge and helped us to develop accounts that are high performing yet realistic to manage. All aspects of training are managed in a way that is clear to understand and so you feel comfortable that no question is too silly to ask...
    - National Garden Scheme
  • "I could not be more thrilled with my new website. From the first meeting, Caroline took great care to understand my business and how I wished to see the website. The result is stunning. In addition to this, Beyond Your Brand are helping me to understand Google analytics so I get the best return. I would be delighted to recommend."
    - Anna Gage, Edelweiss HR
  • "Analytics has always been a bit of a mystery to us but not anymore. Beyond Your Brand were able to break it down and explain it so that not only did we understand it, we could build a strategy around it; see what keywords were bringing people to the site, which pages were most popular and which ones weren’t...
    - Shoot it Yourself
  • "Beyond Your Brand have been invaluable in their efforts to help our business grow. Their weekly marketing workshops have given us clear objectives and strategies for success, and their SEO advice has been invaluable in our recent site migration."
    - Thinking Software
  • "Beyond Your Brand have transformed our Google ads performance, working within the parameters of our Google ads grant while also providing me with skills for how we can make the most of the tools that are at our disposal...
    - African Children's Fund

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