Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics... can you really live without it?
So many businesses that we’ve come across have the tracking code set up on their site; they know how many sessions their channels generate, but that’s about it.

But what do sessions actually mean?

Google Analytics is about so much more than just session counting!

Yes, you can also begin to learn more about who your users are; the demographics of them, the geographical locations, ages, sex etc. But that’s nothing!

How about beginning to understand which of your pages perform best; which generate the most conversions and which result in most users leaving your site? Forget bounce rate. What does that really tell you?! If your content is long-form and your user reads from the very top to the very bottom of the page, is engaged in what they’re reading and spending considerable time engrossed in the content, but they then leave the site, Google consider this a bounced visit. In reality, that user came to the site and found exactly what they were looking for, were fully engaged and found everything they needed to find. In this instance, a metric like scroll-depth of the page would be far more informative. Did the user read all of the content or just half of it? Thinking about what is important to your audience is key.

Goals and Values

Google Analytics has other ways of determining how a page performs. It can tell you the exit rates for all of your pages, so helping you determine which pages work, and which don’t. You can set up goals and values dependent on the objectives of your website, and you can really begin to understand what your users do when they come to your pages.

Event Tracking

Setting up event tracking on aspects that make a difference to your organisation is key. You can measure scroll depth, video plays, downloads, ecommerce transactions, particular button clicks, audio downloads and so much more. It is essential in determining engagement of users; where your site is successful and where it fails to deliver, as well as being a great platform from which to compare channels' performance.

Google Tag Manager

At Beyond Your Brand, we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to implement the tracking of our sites. GTM is a tag management system that manages JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics, all in one place. It requires a simple set up, and then, as they say, the world is your oyster! (Or, perhaps in more analytical terms...your metrics are your pearls!).

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics Training

We offer training packages to suit your needs. Whether it’s one-on-one training or more, we can tailor training for your organisation.

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Happy Customers

  • "Caroline has helped take someone with basic google analytics and adwords knowledge and helped us to develop accounts that are high performing yet realistic to manage. All aspects of training are managed in a way that is clear to understand and so you feel comfortable that no question is too silly to ask...
    - National Garden Scheme
  • "I could not be more thrilled with my new website. From the first meeting, Caroline took great care to understand my business and how I wished to see the website. The result is stunning. In addition to this, Beyond Your Brand are helping me to understand Google analytics so I get the best return. I would be delighted to recommend."
    - Anna Gage, Edelweiss HR
  • "Beyond Your Brand have transformed our Google ads performance, working within the parameters of our Google ads grant while also providing me with skills for how we can make the most of the tools that are at our disposal...
    - African Children's Fund
  • "Analytics has always been a bit of a mystery to us but not anymore. Beyond Your Brand were able to break it down and explain it so that not only did we understand it, we could build a strategy around it; see what keywords were bringing people to the site, which pages were most popular and which ones weren’t...
    - Shoot it Yourself
  • "Beyond Your Brand have been invaluable in their efforts to help our business grow. Their weekly marketing workshops have given us clear objectives and strategies for success, and their SEO advice has been invaluable in our recent site migration."
    - Thinking Software

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