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Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most valuable ways to attract new clients. It can boost long-term profitability and increase the value of your business. It removes the dependency on advertising spend and creates a predictable pipeline of incoming digital leads.

Our Approach

Many of our current SEO clients came to us with bad past experiences. “We have tried SEO before and it didn’t achieve the results that we needed” is a familiar phrase to us. Fortunately, so is “We are pleased that we gave this another go with Beyond Your Brand”. So, what do we do differently?

We take a very strategic, tactical approach to SEO and it starts with the basics:
Get to understand our clients through a Discovery Call
Analyse and benchmark current organic data
Agree on tangible and realistic objectives
Research competition and keyword opportunities
Target keywords with the right search volume, intent and difficulty rating

How to Get Ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages

Google (and the other search engines) have a simple job to do; find the best web pages to display based on what the user is looking for. What determines the ‘best’ web page? Well, there are many considerations, in fact, Google has over 200 different ranking factors. When we start with a new SEO campaign and we have agreed on the keywords, here are some of the things that we prioritise:
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Website Health

Is your website technically sound? Are there broken links? Are there orphan pages? Does it load quickly? Is it secure?
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Does your site provide a good user experience? Is it easy to navigate?
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When a high authority website has a link from their website to yours, it gives you ‘kudos’. It is a bit like a recommendation, and recommendations that come from sources of authority will help to boost your own authority.


Does your content match up to your target keywords? Does your content inform Google what your site is about?
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Page Structure

Do you have good metadata on your pages? Google doesn’t have time to look at all of your content, so it relies on page titles, meta descriptions, headings and alt text to understand what your page is about.

Think Content - Think E-E-A-T


We create content on behalf of our clients that demonstrates their experience in their field. Google understandably gives priority to businesses and organisations that can convey expertise through their webpage content.


Just like when we require information, we will look to go to someone who is considered an expert in their field; someone who is likely to know the answer. Google is like a librarian whose job it is to direct people to sources of information. So, content that demonstrates expertise is considered useful to users and therefore valuable to search engine algorithms.


Google likes to send users to websites (businesses) that demonstrate that they are an authority in their industry sector. A business that, through their website content, can demonstrate experience and expertise, and also contributes valuable information to their industry is likely to rank well. We create high-quality, authoritative content for our clients to help boost their organic visibility.


The last, but equally important element that the Google algorithm looks for is trustworthiness. In terms of content, trustworthiness can be demonstrated through case studies, testimonials and reviews. Another important factor is other websites, with high domain authority, linking through to your website by way of a backlink. This suggests to the algorithm that the content that is being linked to is of high quality and can be trusted as a good source of information.

Are You Considering an SEO Campaign?

If you are considering an SEO campaign, we would love to be your first point of contact. We have a proven track record of producing results for our clients. Our success comes from our strategic approach to SEO campaigns and that always starts with a discovery call. Get in touch with us today and we will share our expertise and find out whether an SEO campaign could be right for your business.