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Moi's SUP School

Discover how we increased organic clicks for an Oxfordshire paddleboarding school by over 767.2% in 12 months.
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Who are they?

Moi’s SUP School is an independent, BSUPA certified stand-up paddleboarding school in Oxfordshire that provides a range of paddleboarding lessons and experiences. Based at The Rose Revived (Newbridge) on a beautiful stretch of the River Thames near Witney, Moi and her team take pride in providing clients with a tailored experience to suit their abilities, knowledge and confidence levels.

Since their launch, they have gone from strength to strength, becoming recognised as one of Oxfordshire's leading paddleboarding schools and recently were awarded "Tourism & Leisure Startup of the Year" by the South East Startup Awards.

What were their goals?

Moi’s SUP School approached us in the summer of 2022 shortly after their company launch. As a new company, it was vitally important for them to quickly grow brand awareness to drive new leads and generate a loyal customer base.


  • To increase brand awareness over 4-5 months
  • To establish the positioning of Moi’s SUP School compared to other paddleboarding schools in Oxfordshire
  • To increase bookings from 60 to 100 per month during the main season, and 50 bookings per month for their new off-season services which included indoor paddleboarding lessons

Our approach

Firstly, we recommended utilising PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) alongside SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We know the strengths and weaknesses of different types of digital marketing, and knew straight away that SEO alone would not deliver the required results fast enough for the client, as SEO (especially for new sites) takes time to see an effect. In order to combine quick results with the long-term value of sustainable organic leads, we recommended a two pronged approach:

  • Assigning some of their budget to a dedicated PPC campaign as the initial marketing strategy for lead generation. This was recommended because results can be achieved faster, and optimised with greater control and precision to maximise the ROI in those vital early stages.
  • At the same time, we worked hard on improving both on-site and off-site SEO to gain traction as fast as possible.

So how did we do?

To put it simply, Moi’s SUP school is currently operating at full capacity!

In fact, they’ve actually been able to reduce their marketing spend as a result. Most digital agencies would hate that…but we actually love it when our clients have been so successful that it means they can dial back their marketing spend for a while. Why? Because that’s the ultimate measure of our success and leads to new clients being recommended to us via word-of-mouth recommendations.

Focusing on our SEO work alone, you can see how we significantly improved brand exposure, rankings and clicks over a period of just 12 months.

“Share of voice” has increased in the past year from 0.34% to 20.40% for desktop SERPS. mobile SERP data has similarly risen from 0.29% to 18.37%

Graph demonstrating increased share of voice

The average position across all of the keywords we're tracking has improved from 19.67 to 2.53 for desktop SERPs, and mobile SERPs are similar, rising from 20.75 to 2.40.

Graph showing improved average position of keywords

Over the course of 12 months, we significantly increased the number of clicks the website received from relevant searches.

Graph showing increased number of clicks

If we compare 1/6/2022 to 30/09/2022 vs the same period for 2023, you can see how we increased clicks from 369 to 3.02k. We also increased total impressions from 3.92k to 61.7k for the same 3 month period. That’s a whopping 1474% increase in impressions!

Data showing increased clicks and impressions from last year

Moi’s SUP School also now appears in the local map pack for a number of paddleboarding related searches.

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