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Achieving a 17:1 Return On Ad Spend across all Smeg kitchen appliances with Google Ads
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Well-known for their domestic home appliances, Smeg has become a prestigious company that exudes design and taste.

When it came to working with the established family-owned Italian business, one of their core values was to work with an agency local to their UK Head Office, based in Oxfordshire. Smeg wanted to begin the process of paid advertising to sell directly to their customers, prior to which they had sold their products through a network of resellers such as John Lewis and AO. Smeg invested in a brand new e-commerce website and Beyond Your Brand’s primary objective was to promote the website to their target audience and increase direct sales through the Google Ads platform.

After a comprehensive consultation, Beyond Your Brand started working with Smeg on their paid advertising in November 2020 specifically for their Christmas campaign; initially a short-term series of ads that lasted from 3rd December 2020 - 11th January 2021. Due to the success of this initial campaign, Beyond Your Brand were asked to continue to work with Smeg, managing their online paid marketing and other digital marketing campaigns.

The Objective

In such a competitive market, the goal was, and continues to be, to ensure that Smeg UK appeared in the search engines above their competitors and resellers for their small and major domestic appliances. Understandably, when searching for a Smeg product, it is important that the Smeg website should be at the top of the search engine results page. In order to get the ads displayed in prominent positions, we ensured that the quality of each one was excellent, that they included additional sitelinks and that every ad was pointing to the relevant product page. Starting from scratch, the entire campaign went live in under a week, with Ad Groups targeting nearly every appliance Smeg has to offer!

Creating a new ad campaign is just the tip of the iceberg. Continuous optimisation and ongoing learning are both key to maximising the effectiveness of ads and increasing return on investment.

Here’s how we optimised the campaign to achieve success:

  • Continuous optimising of keywords, adding exact and negative keywords to ensure the traffic was the best it could be, resulting in specifically searched ads.
  • We discovered that there was search volume for specific product codes and stock keeping units (SKU’s), so we introduced new ad groups to target these.
  • We extended our ads to include showroom locations, such as their Abingdon and London branches, increasing the footfall of potential customers.
  • To reach customers who had visited Smeg’s site but had not completed the sale, we set up retargeting campaigns.
  • By growing the ads' general product line and ensuring each Smeg product has a dedicated ad group, Google certified our keyword quality scores as “excellent”.
  • We created Performance Max campaigns to get both display and search ads appearing across the Google platforms to a highly targeted, already interested audience (so appealing to them to buy direct from Smeg and not a reseller)

With additional details about the products being advertised using ad extensions, we were able to elevate the quality of the user experience for the customer; ultimately this took up more real estate on the Google search page, preventing scrolls further down to click on any other competitors and increased conversions.

The results of our first Christmas campaign for Smeg spoke for themselves. After being given a target of achieving a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), which we reached in the first month, we have since increased ROAS to around four times their target and a Click Through Rate (CTR) of over 17%.

Despite initially just being given one campaign, the immediate Return On Ad Spend was so successful that we’re over the moon to continue our work with Smeg on an ongoing basis. The increased profits generated through Smeg’s PPC campaigns have resulted in an increased ad spend; quarter-on-quarter, and PPC has now become the most significant revenue stream for them.

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